DTEK increased coal purchases from the Lviv-Volyn mines in August by 37%

DTEK increased coal purchases from the Lviv-Volyn mines in August by 37%

Thermal power generation12 September 2017

In August 2017, DTEK bought much more coal from the mines located in Lviv and Volyn regions. The amount of coal bought for DTEK Zakhidenergo TPPs was 72 ths tonnes, which is 37% more than in the previous month. It will help secure sufficient domestic supplies to G grade coal-fired TPPs’ units that are first to be brought online to meet the demand.

An increase in demand for domestic coal is the result of a new strategy designed by the Ministry of Coal and Energy Industry to achieve energy independence by expanding the domestic production of high-volatile steam coal.

DTEK’s TPPs are the main consumers of the coal mined by state-run companies Lvivvuhillia and Volynvuhillia. The amount of coal bought from the mines depends on the national energy balance and the demand for electricity produced by Zakhidenergo TPPs. Since the start of the year, DTEK has bought around 439 ths tonnes of coal from the the Lviv-Volyn coal mines. 

“Domestic coal has always been DTEK Energy’s priority. Both in terms of developing own coal production and purchasing coal from the state-run mines. It is very important to support the state mines because the production cost of their coal is among the highest in the country”, Vitalii Butenko, Commercial Director of DTEK Energy, said. “Based on the 2017 half-year results, DTEK has purchased 80% of the coal produced by Lvivvuhillia and Volynvuhillia.”

Let us remind that the price at which DTEK buys coal from the Lviv and Volyn mines has grown by 10% to UAH 2,200 per tonne.