DTEK Energy has 70 thousand employees who work at our enterprises: 16 mines and 4 coalprocessing plants; 8 thermal power plants and 1 combined heat and power plants with 13,4 GW of total installed capacity.

Employees are one of DTEK’s main competitive advantages. They are the basis for the company’s sustainable development. We are interested in human resource development and recruiting highly skilled staff.

We value and respect our employees. The Company sets ambitious goals, which only a solid team of professionals can achieve. 

DTEK’s human resources system is based on corporate values that are shared by all Company employees.

Our human resources company is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance with existing labor laws and human rights;
  • Ensuring competitive remuneration for employees, taking into account their professionalism, the complexity of the work involved and the amount of responsibility;
  • Investing in employees’ education and training in order to help them fulfill their potential and make a worthy contribution to the Company’s business success;
  • Providing social support to DTEK employees.

DTEK places great emphasis on employee development based on an advanced skills model, and providing employees with the abilities needed to achieve the Company’s strategic goals.

DTEK invests significantly in training for the formation and development of the whole range of employees’ competencies. The Company operates a corporate university—DTEK Academy, focused on the growth of professionals and managers.

In addition, DTEK operates a large-scale educational program for workers.

  • “Personnel reserve”. The purpose of the program is to identify highly prospective employees and preparation for promotion of Company employees who have the management potential, professional expertise and high motivation to build a career. Prospective employees selected on the basis of the annual performance evaluation are trained.
  • Novator. This is a system for continuous improvement based on constant efforts to eliminate all types of losses and improve production processes involving the creative potential of employees and maximum customer orientation.
    • The Institute of Internal Training Specialists project. We launched this project among the employees of our companies. The Institute was founded to organize an internal training system for employees and implement DTEK Academy corporate programs to improve the level of professional knowledge and skills.
    • Distance learning. DTEK has developed e-learning courses for completion by employees of different competencies and topics.