FC Shakhtar player set a record for juggling a ball underground

FC Shakhtar player set a record for juggling a ball underground

Bogdan Butko, a player of FC Shakhtar, set a unique record. Specially for the Miner’s Day - a professional holiday of all Ukrainian miners – the player of the club having the same name (Shakhtar is translated as miner) went down into the DTEK Geroiv Kosmosu mine jo juggle a ball for three minutes 470 metres below the ground.

DTEK and FC Shakhtar’s collaborative projects have always been memorable. This time the football club presented Ukrainian miners – people who today ensure energy security of the entire country – with a truly unusual record – juggling a ball 470 m below the surface. The miners working underground in the second shift came to support the footballer. A video of the record was shot by reporters of TRK Ukraine TV channel.

Bogdan Butko, defender of FC Shakhtar:

For us Shathtar is not just a name. Almost all our players have already been underground. We understand the importance of the profession and are really proud that our club bears this name. We have lot of fans in the Dnipro region and I am happy to be here to set the record and personally greet miners on their professional holiday.

Oleksii Kravets, Head of Development Section 3, DTEK Geroiv Kosmosu mine:

You feel yourself somehow special when you know there is a football team named after the miners. And they visit us. And later, when you are cheering for the team, you know exactly for whom you are shouting. This guy shook my hand and that guy was with me underground. Of course, it is pleasant.

Besides, DTEK’s good relations with FC Shakhtar help us develop children’s football and promote sports as another healthy lifestyle choice in the regions. At the Company’s invitation, FC Shakhtar opened football play grounds “Let’s play” in the towns of Kurakhovo, Dobropillia and Burshyn. While the kids are preparing for the competitions, their parents are happy they do not have to pay for their kids’ sports.