Educational Project "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" Become International

Educational Project "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" Become International

Power distribution05 February 2020

DTEK has expanded the geography of its “Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation” educational project. Thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Center for Energy Efficiency (Bulgaria) and Municipal Development Institute (Ukraine), Bulgarian students, together with their peers, will be educated in energy conservation. Since 2012, DTEK has been developing and implementing this educational program, which promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is in line with ESG principles, in Ukrainian schools.

Educational Project "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" Become International

DTEK has assumed its obligation to share its expertise and support the Center for Energy Efficiencyin implementing the “Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation” project in Bulgaria. Thanks to the project, students will learn how to save energy, gather basic knowledge about rational energy consumption and the importance of conservation. Children will be acquainted with the production of electricity and heat, their delivery to houses and businesses, and how to avoid energy loss. Students will be trained through a specially designed online platform where each student will be able to calculate energy audits and plan energy efficiency measures through a personal office.

"We are pleased that new participants from other countries are joining our project, which is recognized as the best social practice at international and European competitions, – commented DTEK Energy Director for Regional Policy Tatiana Overina. – We started with two textbooks, and today "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" is a full-fledged educational program that is being joined every year by more schools, and now not only from Ukraine. DTEK has extensive experience in the practical implementation of projects in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and is always ready to share it with all willing countries. "



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