Coal mining and processing

DTEK Energy produces steam and coking coal, which is prepared at our plants.

Total coal production for 2017 amounted to 24.8 million tons.

Gas coal is extracted by miners of DTEK Pavlogradugol (Dnipropetrovsk Region), DTEK Dobropolyeugol and Mine Bilozerska ALC (Donetsk Region).

Our coal is used by TPPs, as well as industrial enterprises of Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, North and South America and North Africa.

The rock mass contains not only coal, but also non-combustibles—rock that can reach up to half of the extracted resource. Therefore, following extraction, the coal undergoes preparation to reduce the content of mineral impurities and waste rock.

If a large amount of rock is used in the furnace of a TPP together with coal, the equipment can simply be put out of operation. Therefore, to remove impurities the coal is cleaned to the required level. And only then it is sent to a TPP. This process takes place at special processing plants—CPPs (central processing plants).

The DTEK Energy coal preparation segment includes 4 processing plants.


DTEK Bilozerske Mine Group

1a Chervonoarmiyska St., Belitske, 85043
Donetsk Region
tel. (062) 774 4338

DTEK Dniprovska Mine Group

106 Sadova St., Shakhtarske village,
Pavlograd District, Dnipropetrovsk Region,51464
tel.  (056) 326 87 95 

DTEK Dobropilske Mine Group

1 Kyivska St., Dobropillia,
Donetsk Region,  85003 
tel. (062) 774 34 23 

DTEK Geroiv Kosmosu Mine Group

10 Shakhtarska St., Verbki  village, Pavlograd District,
Dnipropetrovsk Region, 51453
tel. (056) 326 73 09

DTEK Pavlogradska Mine Group

27 Ternivska St., Pavlograd,
Dnipropetrovsk Region,51400
tel. (056) 326 87 80

DTEK Pershotravenske Mine Group

1d Pershotravneva St., Mykolaivka village,
Petropavlovsk District, Dnipropetrovsk Region, 52744
tel. (056) 337 18 96

DTEK Ternivske Mine Group

33 Mayakovskogo St., Ternivka,
Dnipropetrovsk Region, 51500.
tel. (056) 326 80 17

Obukhovskaya Mine Group

13 Rizhska St., Zverevo, Rostov Region,
the Russian Federation, 346311
tel. 8-863-55-4-35-35, 8-863-55-4-34-54 

Coal processing plants

DTEK Oktyabrskaya CPP

1A Chervonoarmiyska St., Belitske,
Donetsk Region, 85043.
tel. (062) 776 22 03

Kurahivs`ka CCM

1A Nagorna St., Volchanka village,
Mar'inskyi District, Donetsk Region,  85621
tel. (062) 349 12 74

Pavlogradska CPP

8 Shakhtarska St., Pavlograd District,
Dnipropetrovsk Region, 51453
tel. (056) 326-88-02

DTEK Dobropilske Mine Group

1 Kyivska St., Dobropillia,
Donetsk Region, 85003
tel. (062) 774 34 23